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Mission Statement
This is our mission in one sentence:
“We are mandated by the living God to restore the Glory of God back in the lives of His creation (Individuals, families, Churches, cities and nations) through the authoritative power of the Holy Spirit"
Glorious Heritage International Ministries which is a name of a Christian association, hereafter referred to as the ' GHIM’ is a multifaceted international ministry that is called of God, whose inspiration is born out of the quest for the advancement of God’s kingdom and equipping humanity both spiritually, physically, emotionally and relationally lunching out the mind and glory of God in this end time by propagating the Word of God, as we awaits the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ; our Lord and potentate Saviour to whom be all the glory, honour and praise.
This ministry is open to men and women of different race, culture and background, who are ready to accept the Bible and teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ as a standard for living and willing to use their potentials, talents, gifts, finances and mandates for the advancement of the gospel in their society and the world at large.
However we also have the mandate to reach out to various denominations of the body of Christ to work together in unity for the furtherance of the gospel in the nations through conferences, seminars, workshops, bible study meetings, united prayer meetings as well as co-operate evangelical programs (crusades) etc
In compliance with the Biblical mandatory injunction to go into all the world and make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we are convinced that such disciples must be properly tutored and brought up in the Word of God. Acts 11:26

1. GHIM shall have as its primary function, the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth thereby fulfilling the great commission of Jesus Christ by taking the message of salvation to all peoples of the world.
2. GHIM shall provide a ministry of the Word of God through the planting of Churches, the organization of Para-church ministries and institutions in order to reach any person irrespective of race, colour and nationality.
3. GHIM shall propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all parts of the world through any means such as church services, crusades, seminars, breakfast meetings, prayer meetings, radio and television outreaches, witnessing campaigns or any other means that are appropriate, so long as they are not contrary to the laws of the Land
4. Other secondary roles of the church such as providing health, financial, educational, poverty alleviation and relief services shall be practiced and encouraged as long as they shall not adversely affect or contradict the primary role of preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
5. To raise fund to help foster the gospel of Christ in this ministry, Glorious investment projects will be set up.

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